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∎ Posted 04/15/2023

We are back! Welcome all to Jessica's TCG hub! This site holds my trade post exclusively. I hope you look around and check out all of the various TCGs I've joined. If you decide to join one, please tell them that Jessica referred you :)

If you would like to trade cards with me, please use the trade form or send me a DM on discord (sailorsenpai) to get a hold of me. If the form processes cleanly, please feel free to go ahead and put the trade through on your side. You do not have to wait for me to manually approve your trade.

Please visit my main site to see what TCG projects we are working on!

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TCG Name URL Status TCG Type Updated
SakuraactiveManualJune 13, 2024
SidequestactiveManualMarch 27, 2024